The Witcher The Witcher

The famous Geralt of Rivia paid dearly to get into a computer game. The writers of The Witcher tore from the Volume of Attendants Cliché a worm-gnawed page with the words “Total Amnesia”. The living legend forgot everything overnight: memories, skills of masterly possession of weapons and potion-making. Yesterday he gutted terrible creatures, saved lovely ladies (including from innocence), and now – a blank sheet, filled in along the prologue, five long acts and the epilogue. For a professional monster slayer, work here is more than enough. A neat diary, in which quests, a glossary, recipes, tips, character files, descriptions of locations and a bestiary are laid out on the shelves, is swelling at an alarming rate. Lost children, uncomplicated “postal” errands, everyday dramas and cunning political squabbles, where it is not easy to maintain neutrality so revered by witchers … Some tasks are short and linear, others cover several chapters, leading the story to one of three endings, others, deceptively secondary, affect the fate of those with whom Geralt faced. Static inserts will tell you about the consequences of decisions that are not always obvious when choosing replicas in a conversation.

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