Dorg Van Dango Dorg Van Dango

The main character’s name is Dorg Van Dango, his distinctive features are thick hair and glasses with thick diopters. And also – the ability to find adventures on your head. But all his stories cannot be compared with the one in which he got involved this time.
The boy was lucky enough to meet a motley team of supernatural beings. They managed to escape from custody when they were transported to a secret center at Area 51 to be tested and experimented with.
Mutual sympathy quickly arose between new acquaintances and the teenager decides to save this bunch of feds. How? Disguising them as the most ordinary teenagers. Of course, it is difficult to call them even in a suit and with make-up the most ordinary. Almost each of them have their own distinctive features, which are very difficult to hide. How, for example, can you beat the unicorn’s horn and the horse’s face of this noble creature so that it does not raise questions? Perhaps you will have to come up with some excuses for those around you.

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