Jersey Shore Jersey Shore

The essence of the new reality is that 8 young guys and girls spend the summer of their hopes, dreams and other joys of being on the famous coast of New Jersey, where only the lazy will not drag out until they lose their pulse, and only the most stubborn pessimist will not believe in eternal happiness … Yes, you can do whatever you want here (which is what the heroes of the show are doing), but just not burden your bright mind with something serious, and your beautiful body with something too heavy (of course, if it does not concern exclusively violent and protracted parties ).

So, our 8 heroes live in one great house and enjoy all the benefits of this world, including a more than favorable climate and oceanic proximity. For this they work from time to time in a local clothing store and, of course, show themselves to us. And there is something to show! All intrigues, scandals, showdowns and amazing adventures of the heroes can be observed in maximum closeness. They will not be able to hide anything from us and, moreover, they will constantly give additional comments about their life together in the house and outside it.

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