Shades of Blue Shades of Blue

In one of the parts of New York, which is overseen by the police station, led by Lieutenant Wozniak, crime is practically eradicated, but not by the most legal method – the police simply cleaned up the entire criminal business. “Krysha” covers drug dealers, buyers of stolen goods and other violators of the law for a small percentage. Detective Harley Santos is a single mother who lacks an honest salary to keep her daughter at a prestigious school, so she, along with other cops, is tied up in her boss’s black affairs. During the next round of possessions in order to receive regular tribute, Santos falls for the bait of the FBI special department, in exchange for restoring his reputation and freedom, Harley is offered to become a “mole” in his own plot. The choice before the detective is not easy: the opportunity to be close to his daughter, on the one hand, and the betrayal of those people whom she called “family” in the morning, on the other …

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