Kieler Street / Kielergata Kieler Street / Kielergata

In the center of the plot is the former criminal Jonas, who decided to start life from scratch. He moved to the most law-abiding town in Scandinavia and now lives under a different name so as not to betray his true self and his past. It has been seven years since he settled in a new place: he has a wife, an adopted daughter and an excellent job. He enjoys a peaceful life until someone around him begins to blackmail him. Jonas realizes that some of the city’s residents are also hiding the truth about their origins and will go to great lengths to keep their secret. In order not to betray himself and to take care of the safety of his loved ones, the main character will have to resort again to cruelty and violence, from which he has been trying to get away for so long.

How far will the characters of the series go in trying to preserve the righteous lifestyle for which they came to this city? Are they really capable of changing, or will their dark past make itself felt forever?

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